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21 May, 2019
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There are a lot of Surfing schools in Nosara; there is all kind of plans, Lessons, all-inclusive, surf safaris Kids surf camp and more. We have most of the information available summarize for you.

The surfing lessons for adults go from $45 to $80 Per person per lesson, and special price for Kids; and the amount will depend on the time, 60 or 90 minutes, if it´s private couples or groups and if you hire one or several days at once, what they call packages.

We share a table with some of the Surf Schools and the information they have on their website. Prices on groups will vary depending on the number of persons. In Packages, prices depend on the number of lessons, or days hired. Prices may vary and this is not official information from their behalf, just a guide.

Lesson Packages
Surf School
90 minutes
$70$65$604 $260
6 $375
10 $610
4 $240
6 $330
10 $530
4 $220
6 $300
10 $480
Tico Surf
90 Minutes
$70$65$604 $260
6 $380
12 $720
4 $240
6 $340
12 $660
4 $220
6 $320
12 $600
Surf Acad.
90 minutes
$70$60$553 $200
5 $325
10 $625
3 $170
5 $275
10 $475
3 $155
5 $250
10 $475
Surf School
90 minutes
$60$50$503 $150
5 $225
10 $400
90 minutes
$75$55$555 $350
10 $650
5 $250
10 $450
60 minutes
90 minutes

$60 $60
5 $263
5 $338
5 $225
Olo Alaia
90 minutes
$80$753 $70
4 $65
6 $60
Surf Shop
$75$65 $65
90 minutes

Surf Schools Features.

All Surfing Schools have on their website, different features that should be taken into account, here we summarize and share some of them.

Nosara Surfing School emphasizes safety and fun and views the ocean with surfer´s eye and confident. they use video analysis, and help not only amateurs but intermediate and advance surfers as well. They include all equipment necessary and have a commitment to the environment, the community, and its culture. Additionally, they rent surfboards.

Nosara Tico Surf claims to treat clients with respect, kindness, patience, and friendliness, their groups are not bigger than 4 persons. 100% Tico owned, they provide a surfboard, a rashguard, and sunblock, and clients can keep their surfboard 90 minutes after class for practice.

All Nosara Surf Academy instructors are trained and certified by ISA (International Surf Association). They all are CPR, First Aid, and Open Water rescue Certified. Price includes surfboard rental for the day and rashguard. Own by Kim Michael McGovern, original from New Jersey NY, he worked for 10 years on other surfing schools in Nosara, until he opens his own.

Cacho´s Surf School sais is a casual small surf school. Own by local Tico Cacho, who worked for another surfing school, he opens his own. His staff consists of Costa Rican surfers, with experience in ocean safety and knowledge of local surf brakes. Lessons include surfboards, leash, and rashguards.

Coconut Harri´s claims to have a Fun and Friendly ISA Certified instructor. Lessons include Surfboard, surf shirt to prevent rash and water. With more than 10 years of experience, they show off their reviews on Trip Advisor and sais that every employee treats their clients as a VIP.

Chorotegas Surf School provides you with a surfboard and video review after every lesson. They said that it is best to have one on one attention, so they recommend private lessons. Their staff includes a local instructor and one professional surfer from San Clemente, California, that gives them knowledge of local brakes and surfing experience for more than 10 years.

Olo Alaia also has ISA Certified surf instructors, that treat clients with patience, respect, and friendliness, and after the lesson, they give you a complimentary non-alcoholic beverage in their shop.

Nosara Surf Shop claimed to have the Nosara best instructors, ISA qualified surf coaches with CPR, first aid and open water rescue certification. They dedicate themselves to make sure you leave Nosara a better surfer.

Moana offers the best results with the Moana CSR surf coaching™ technique and tailors each lesson specifically to everyone needs.

Surf camps and All inclusive

You can reserve from one of these schools reviewed or others that specialize in camps and all-inclusive, the whole surf trip, right from the airport, for example, Safari Surf School has packages for a week from $1680 to $5k+ including lodging, and price depend on the season, on a single, double or triple accommodation, including among their packages, a woman’s retreat.

Others, like Surf Simple, has a solo surfer $4990 week, with only to ad lunch and dinner, and air ticket or an $8960 for a couple. Prices include transfers, 7 nights accommodations, 15 hours in water or video coaching, almost all meals, massages, photos, video footage, bicycles and more.

Corky Carroll´s Surf School offer airport transfer, accommodation in a private bungalow, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, surfboards, one on one surf lessons, video review, video footage and more. 7 nights prices range from $1710 to $2575, depending on your airport arrival, and accommodation.

Kids Camps

Nosara is a family destination, with lots of activities for the whole family, almost every surf school has special prices for kids, and we can also find these Kids Camps, full of activities for all ages.

Nosara Kids Camp offers surfing, yoga, skateboarding, climb, art classes, cooking, give back to the community, marshmallows and bonfire, and Spanish lessons.

Nosara Day Camp has First-aid trained counselors that take a small group of kids to local farms, tide pools, rivers, waterfalls, and beaches. This program takes place from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm, with an extended program from 100 pm to 4:00 pm.

There is even a Nany Service so you and your partner have the liberty of enjoying the surfing classes or the occasional night out. In our article about family activities, you can learn more about it. Click Here.

What to Hire, Our Recommendation.

It seems that in 10 or so lessons, you will be surfing, of course, that will depend on your physical condition, your ability, and why not, even your age, but definitely, everybody sale 12 or fewer lessons. Probably because not many tourists stay for more than 10 to 15 days also.

As part of the service we provide, we offer you some surfing classes on our website, that you can hire, If you are interested, please click here.

You should have in mind that this is a sport, and probably will involve using some muscles you don´t use that frequently, these will do that on a couple of days, you will be sore and scratched, so you will not be able to have a surfing class on that day.

Have a restorative plan in mind that will help you continue with the program. Probably some vegetables with magnesium, fatty acids, and vitamin B. Nosara also have lots of places to drink healthy and energetic shakes that will help you with this condition. Ask your instructor.

More schools than what we could review

As we said at the beginning, Nosara is pack with surf schools. There are more schools and surf hotels. It is impossible to review each one, but with this information, we believe you have a starting point into deciding what’s best for you and your family or group. The one we review and summarize here, where what we find on a fast search in Google. We are not saying those are the only ones or even the best ones, we do not rate them, but it is a representative sample.

Frequently ask questions

What is the best time of the year to learn surf in Nosara? Nosara has special conditions for learning surf, consistent waves, and a situation where you never go too deep in water. The high season starts in November, until April. Rainy season brings better waves, but for beginners, it is better on the dry season, although there are so many people on the dry season. On the peak fo the rainy season, some times, part of Nosara even gets flooded, and roads are a bit difficult.

In conclusion, you can learn to surf at any moment of the year, but the dry season may be better.

What to do in Nosara? Besides what we show on this article, Nosara has lots of activities, Yoga retreats, one day tours, ATV rides, Horseback and mountain bike riding, stand up paddling, kayak, Sportfishing, and much more.

You can see monkeys, sea turtle nesting, farm animals, and wild animals. You can go to the rivers and waterfalls. You can go to dinner or for refreshments in interesting places, with interesting people. Nosara has a lot to offer, we invite you to discover all the great thins Nosara has for you.

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