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14 May, 2019

The other day I was handling some reservation for the Airport Shared Shuttle to Nosara and people have some questions about it, and I want to make it clear, with the information we have.

According to the US Saving time changes, the Nosara shared shuttle departures from the Nosara area at 7:00 am or 8:00 am every day and arrives at the airport at 9:30 am or 10:30 am.  The Nosara share shuttle departures from the airport at 1:30 pm or 2:30 pm every day and arrives at the Nosara area around 4:00 pm or 5:00 pm. The price is $45 per person each way.

Now, the conditions of the microbus and the road, the driving time, the kind of drivers, what can you bring on the shuttle, and much more information you can read it in the next paragraphs.

Shared Shuttle Features.

  • US Saving time changes. In Costa Rica, there are no saving time changes, but the hours of the schedule are automatically adjusted to the US Daylight Saving time changes, to maximize the utility for the Shared Shuttle. The logic here is that Flights are governed according to this schedule change structure. So, in the summer, the departure is at 7:00 am, but in the winter time, the departure is at 8:00 am from Nosara.
  • Schedule. The Schedule of the Shared Shuttle matches the majority of flights arriving and departing the Daniel Oduber International Airport at Liberia (LIR). If your plane leaves after 11:00 am, you can book your shared shuttle and be on time at the airport for the checking in. Also, if you arrived before 1:30 pm, you can make customs and immigration, and be on time for the Shared Shuttle.
  • Condition of the microbus. We use a variety of microbuses from years 2012, 2017 or 2018, all in great mechanical and aesthetic conditions, clean, with air conditioner and WiFi, with government permit for tourism transportation and insurance with civil responsibility, absolutely necessary with the conditions of the road, and the rural area.
  • The drivers. Drivers are professional with conductor code from COSEVI (Costa Rica road safety council), human relations course and basic English skills. They have been driving with the company for years now, and they know not only the road but also the place where you will stay. Trust me, this is important, and you will find it out soon enough.
  • Driving time: Never trust any GPS app, or information when dealing with time on rural roads in Costa Rica. Depending on road surface conditions, waving bumpy dusty roads, time will vary, usually takes two and a half hours from Nosara to the Liberia Airport. Time will also depend on the pickup or drop off the different people on the shuttle, so you may be asked to be picked up a little earlier when coming from Nosara to the airport.
  • What can you bring:  Usually you can bring the same amount of luggage you can take on your flight, plus probably a surfboard. That is a suitcase and a handbag, stroller or portable car seat. Although the number of seats of the minibusses is greater, we DO NOT take more than 8 to 10 persons per shuttle, for the comfort of passengers, and their suitcases.
  • WiFi and water: Nothing nicer than connect with your loved ones, telling them you arrive, sharing the first images and staff, or checking departures reservations, emails, and flight arrangements. We know how important this is, so we have free WiFi. Coverage depends on the area, but must of the driving time, you will have the opportunity to use it. Also, as the driving time is a little long, we provide water as a treat, some times, when we can and it’s available, a pipa, coconut water.

What´s the condition of the road

The road condition is different in different places, from the airport to Nicoya town, the road is pretty good, is a two-lane pavement road, fairly straight, and with good signage and paint.

From Nicoya to Samara, we have to pass over a mountain, and the road is wavy and winding, so if you get sick on these road conditions, be prepared with your medicine, just in case.

From “El Cruce” of Samara to Nosara, the road is bumpy and dusty, some parts are paved, but most don’t, and where is paved, have holes. Roads on this part have been on repair, so sometimes the passage on the road is controlled, so that could provoke some delay.

What happens if I miss the Shared Shuttle.

If for some reason you made a reservation on the Shared Shuttle and you miss the Shuttle, you can make arraignments to take a private service, paying the difference, if you contact us with time to have the unit waiting for you. The price is $160.

Let me explain this clearly. If your flight has a delay at the departure airport, and you know you will be arriving late, you can contact us and we will have another microbus waiting for you. If there are other persons with the same condition, we can share the cost of the service, minus what you already pay for the Shared Shuttle.

We need a couple of hours to do this since we are based on Nosara, and only in customs and immigration you will take an hour, and flight time from the United States is usually more than 2 hours, and more so if you come from Europe, so you will have enough time to contact us if your flight is delay on departure, to have another microbus waiting for you and another fellow delayers.

What happens if my flights arrive later than 1:30 pm.

In case your flight arrives later than 1:30 pm, you will not have enough time to make custom and immigration and be on time for the Shared Shuttle departures. You should have in mind that some of the other people on the shuttle may have been waiting for more than a couple of hours, and they will want us to departure on time.

The best option for you is to book a private service. In that case, we will be waiting for you at the airport exit. This private service will have basically the same conditions as the Shared Shuttle, but you can bring more luggage if you have it, and you set the time for the pickup and you can ask the driver to stop for a fast buy on the road if you want.

What happens if my flights arrive too early or we are four or more.

If you arrive too early and you do not want to wait for the time of the departure of the Shared Shuttle, or your party is greater than 4 persons,  you can Book a private service, with the same conditions, more luggage, stop on the road, and so on. If you are four or more, this option could be even cheaper.

Frequently ask questions

  • What should I pack: Considering that Nosara is basically a Beach town on the tropics, hot and humid, you know you need bright colors and light fabric clothes, flip flops, cargo pants, shorts, swimsuit, beach cover-ups, t-shirts, tank tops, jumpers, kaftans, cardigans, kimonos, polo t-shirts, sunglasses, caps, and broad-brimmed hats.

If You are going to Surf you should bring your SPF 50 UV protection rash guard, and your board shorts and for Yoga, you should bring your yoga mat, pants, and top. Don´t forget a zinc oxide water and sweat proof reef-safe sunscreen and your bug repellant.

Consider the activities you are going to roll in, and any considerations the tour people tell you about clothes and other things, for example, your own snorkel mask, so you do not have to use a shared one.

You can read our post on what should I pack for Nosara Costa Rica.

  • What is the best airport for Nosara Costa Rica: The best airport for Nosara is the Liberia Airpot (Lir). Driving time is around two and a half hours. The other international airport is the Alajuela airport which is the main air gate, but driving time from Alajuela airport (SJO) to Nosara is four to four and a half hours. Although the airport is in Alajuela, they used to say it is in San José, which is a common mistake.

Anyway, there are three ways to get from SJO to Nosara, on a private microbus, on a public bus, what takes even more time, or on a small plane, what will take you only an hour, but you will have to make arraignment in advance and match times of arrival and departures of the small planes.

You can read our post on How to get to Nosara Costa Rica for more information.

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