We have a base on Juan Santamaría International Airport, located in Alajuela Province, but they use to locate it on San José, because is the only International traffic airport on the capital.

We have several taxi units with goberment official permit to transport people, and specially foreingners. Although you may find some other ways of transport, all of them are illegal, so you don´t want to have problems. Always look for official units. It won´t cost you more, you will be charge official rate, with professional, well informed, background checked drivers, and you will be covered with a special insurance.

Aditionally, complains, if any, can be handle with goberment office, so Drivers always are careful to give good service.

Fill out our form, estimate your rate and make your reservation now. Don´t forget to fill your starting address and your destination. Destinations can be anywere, but Pick up places by law, can only be airports, hotels, and specific tourist places.