Cab Costa Rica will give you a transportation service according to international and well known taxi service terms.

Cab Costa Rica have official taxi service permit given by law by the goverment of Costa Rica, and meets and exceeds all standards and requirements of Costa Rican laws, including quality of units, cleaning, professionalism, as well as insurance.

To Change schedule client must do it at least 6 hours in advance.

If you will not use the service, you must call or email us with no less than 8 hours in advance, and indicate if you will be using your service on the next 6 month, so Cab-CostaRica can freeze your deposit.

If you will not use our service and need a refund, can contact us at least 8 hours in advance in order to do the paper work, according to the bank procedure (10 Days) and you will be charge a 10% administrative fee

Cab Costa Rica will not be responsible for wrong schedule or wrong flight numbers