What should I pack for Nosara Costa Rica?

Nosara is a beach town, on the tropics, on the north pacific side of Costa Rica. Although is not as humid as the Caribbean, you will feel the humidity right when you get down the plane. For choosing your wardrobe, the temperature is another factor, off course, that goes from 80oF in November to 90oF in April. This combined with the humidity, results in the increase of heat sensations, so you need clothes that help you out.

When packing for Nosara Costa Rica, you should think of a beach on the tropics, hot and humid, you know you need bright colors and light fabric clothes, flip flops, cargo pants, shorts, swimsuit, beach cover-ups, t-shirts, tank tops, jumpers, kaftans, cardigans, kimonos, polo t-shirts, sunglasses, caps, and broad-brimmed hats.

Humidity may vary from 65% on the dry season to 85% on the wet season. Also, day and night may have variations on temperature.

On Nosara you are going to enjoy the beach, swimming pool, surf, stand up paddle, or so, and probably you will be involved on yoga, will have some dinner and refreshments, reading, peace, and wellness in general, probably some tours, sightseen, bird and monkey watching, horseback riding, among other things, so you need to pack accordingly.

The basic travel pack consists of a carry on bag and full-size luggage, and in that, you have to push all your things, so you have to be careful about the things you choose. We hope this guide will help you.

Carry on Bag

You may think about bringing a Suit Jacket or a light sweater for the occasional evening or a high air conditioner hotel room, and this may help you for a semi-formal dinner outfit along with casual shoes.

On your carry on bag, and considering that you may have your checked bags misplaced for the airline, it is always a good idea to have your toiletries bag, travel document holder, and some basic clothes.

For this, and also considering that according to the US Transportation Security Administration, you can take on your carry on bag, 3.4 ounces, 100 ml or smaller size containers, that fit in a 1-quart resealable plastic bag that may pass through checkpoint security is better to take a small travel Toiletries bag.

On top of your regular things, shampoo, moisturizer, deodorant, shaving cream, etc, you may consider a sunscreen that is at least SPF 50, better if its a zinc oxide water and sweat proof reef-safe. Two things to consider here, humidity and temperature, will make you sweat a lot, and you will need a sunscreen that resists water and sweat, and the other thing is that there is a big pollution problem with sunscreen and reefs, so a zinc oxide sunscreen is more earth friendly. You can buy it on this link on Amazon.

Don´t forget your lip balm and your eye drops as well. Do not forget your medication, some sunburn cream is also a good idea. Other things to consider are a bamboo toothbrush and even a reusable straw when possible. Remember that Nosara is an environmentally friendly town.

Additionally, on your carry on bag, you need to have a travel document holder, where you put your passport, airplane ticket, and custom and immigration documents, as well as your driver license, medical prescriptions, transfer and hotel reservation, tours and activities reservation, insurance information, contact and family phone numbers and contact information, credit cards, money, and all important documents you may need.

This travel document holder is better if it has an RFID blocking credit card holder, and is fireproof and water resistant. Don´t forget to have a pen, to fill custom and immigration documents.

Finally, fill your carry on bag with a couple of U.V. sunglasses, a bathing suit and clothes that wash easily in your room and drip dry overnight, like a couple of t-shirts, a short pant, and some underwear. Basic things you absolutely need, in the case that those are the only things that arrive on destination with you. (We hope not).

Full Size wheeled luggage

For your full-size luggage, you can put in all the containers for your toiletries, that are larger of 3.4 ounces, do not forget your bug repellent. Almost certainly, you will find here sunscreen, bug repellent, shampoo, and body cream, but also, I am pretty sure you will pay a lot more for that here, so it is always better to bring your own.

Also in this suitcase, you put all the rest of the clothes. As a tip, roll compact your clothes so they stay free of creases, and save space. Al the creams and wet bottles should be inside sealable plastic containers or plastic bags. Apart from your phone and maybe your camera, keep your electronics to the minimum possible, and that also goes for jewelry.

Bring a tote bag or a backpack gym bag for your beach and swimming pool trips, one that you can fold in. I also recommend a waterproof phone pouch, so you do not have to worry about your phone being damaged for humidity or any water accident.

Special Activities

If you plan on a horseback riding or an ATV tour, remember to bring light long pants, and water shoes. In case you don´t know, the streets around Nosara are all dusty. For that, it is better to have a scarf, a handkerchief or a bandana, for use as a mask, and a cap is also a good idea.

Don´t forget your yoga mat, yoga pants, and tops, and if you need massage therapy, think of a light kimono, or a comfortable easy stretchable outfit.

For surfing, it is always good to have an SPF 50 UV protection rash guard, your board shorts and a wet/dry bag. If you are already a surfer, there are many shops to buy or rent a board, with all different shapes and sizes, in case you are considering not to bring your own. If you are planning on surf lessons, here in Nosara you will find all the gear you need, in town, there are several surf-schools with lots of equipment and boards.

If you need, we provide transfer from the airport to your hotel or house rental and we have a rack on the roof so you can hop on your board. You can make your reservation online on our website.

Once you hit the road, so to speak, I can picture you, most probably, you will carry a Large wheeled suitcase, a couple of handbags, one with your camera gear?, (I am guessing here) and the carry on bag, probably a light sweater, or a light suit jacket. You will be dressing some casual shoes, the only large pants you will bring (Hope that´s not denim), and a shirt, or a long dress, and in your hand, a large hat, so your hat and your Jacket won’t bend and wrinkle, and your shoes are not going to hinder on your luggage. And I think that’s the best way to do it.

We hope these ideas help you find the answer on how to pack for Nosara Costa Rica, if you think something is missing, or you have other questions you need to know before coming to Costa Rica, feel free to contact us. We will try to help you.

Frequently ask questions

What to do in Nosara. Nosara is a town known for the surf, yoga, and the vibe. Besides that, there is a lot to do in Nosara, wild animal sightseen tours, adventure, and cultural tours. But also, there are a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and different places, where you can find meals and refreshments, tropical fresh fruit shakes, pizza, bakeries, artisanal beers,  and much more.

But also, Nosara can be used as a center to know the surrounding beaches, with breathtaking scenery, interesting surf spots, and famous turtle nesting beaches.

Best Time to visit Nosara Costa Rica: On the tropical Guanacaste, Dry season starts in December and finishes in March. In those months, the climate is hot and there is no rain, vegetation is dry, roads are annoyingly dusty, and the town is full of tourism.

Then comes the rainy season, which increases from April getting its peak in August, September, and October. Most likely, on the peak rainy season parts of Nosara will be flooded, and rivers cannot be passed.

However, the best surfing occurs from June to September, in those months, movement is slow in the town, and there is less tourism.

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